Obama's Polls Echo Those of Reagan, Clinton

The good news is that his daily approval rating echoes Reagan, Clinton.


President Obama's Gallup daily public approval tracking polls have been stuck in place since May of last year. But that might not be a bad thing. The reason: His polling is similar to former Presidents Reagan and Clinton and both won reelection despite holding steady below 50 percent approval like Obama.  [See a slide show of 5 Reasons Obama is the Same as Bush, Clinton.]

The Gallup presidential job approval site lets you compare Obama to every president since Truman and the results find that his approvals at this point in his presidency are very close to those of Carter, and Clinton. But his tracking poll is close to Reagan's and Clinton's. The site also provides the daily details on his poll advances and setbacks. On Monday, for example, his approval held steady at 46 percent while his disapproval dropped 1 percent.

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