March Madness on Hill Pits Vols Vs. Wolverines

A House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting turned to basketball.

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On the eve of the first round of this year's NCAA national tournament, basketball banter can't be avoided in the halls of Congress.

At a House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting this week, for example, Chairman Fred Upton from Michigan took a jab at his fellow Republican on the committee, Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn when introducing her. "The chair will yield to the gentle lady from Tennessee whose Volunteers are in trouble come Friday at 12:40 to the Wolverines," kidded Upton. "But we might be talking on the side about that later on."

Blackburn took the bait. "I think you're going to see the Vols rise to the occasion," she said, adding, "Bless those little Wolverines' hearts, Mr. Chairman."

"We ain't so little," Upton joked back. "We'll see."

Blackburn then opened her statement saying, "Just as I will be happy to cheer for our UT Vols, I am pleased that we're here."

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