Exxon, Chevron, BP Greased Obama's Campaign

The largest oil and gas contributors during the 2008 election cycle to Obama.

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When gas prices soared under former President Bush, a former Texas oilman, bloggers and pundits suggested that he was in the pocket of his Big Oil donors. So as gas prices soar again to Bush-era levels, can the same be said of Democrat Barack Obama? [See a slide show of the 10 Cities With the Highest Gas Prices.]

The facts of the 2008 election show that he was the favorite of Exxon, Chevron, and BP. Exxon donated $117,946 to Obama and $73,326 to McCain. Chevron pumped $77,875 into Obama's warchest and $61,313 to McCain. BP gave $71,051 to Obama but just $36,649 to McCain.

Still in the donor wars, oil and energy interests donated more than twice as much to McCain as Obama, $2.4 million versus $902,000. [See a slide show of the 10 cities with the lowest gas prices.]

During the campaign, the danger of American dependence on foreign oil was a major plank in Obama's platform on the 2008 campaign trail. Yet PACs and employees of some of the largest oil and gas companies still gave significant support to Obama as a presidential candidate. Below are the largest oil and gas contributors during the 2008 election cycle to Obama.

Organization Contributions 
Exxon Mobil $117,946
Chevron 77,875
BP 71,051
Shell 64,661
ConocoPhillips 17,600
Marathon Oil 15,437
Hess Corp. 6,950
Anadarko Petroleum 5,800
Valero Energy 4,850
Occidental Petroleum 4,400
Sunoco, Inc. 4,209
American Gas Association 3,970
Devon Energy 1,700
Chesapeake Energy 1,200
Williams Companies 500

Source: Center for Responsive Politics

Totals include contributions from PACs, as well as individual contributions of $200 or greater.