Kansas Senator Has Power, Just Not Over Daughter

Like most parents, Sen. Pat Roberts can't always control what his own children do.

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After serving eight terms in the House and now in his third term in the Senate, Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts has a lot of power in Washington. But like most parents, even he can't always control what his own children do.

At a Senate Finance Committee hearing today to discuss the president's 2011 trade agenda, Roberts backed a pending free trade agreement with Colombia, saying that he knows the challenges Colombia has faced with the FARC revolutionary group and the paramilitary within the nation. And he knows that from his own daughter, who spent time in Colombia working for the United Nation's World Food Programme—without his knowledge.

"She got stuck between the paramilitary and the FARC," he says. "I didn't know she was there. I wouldn't have permitted her to go there had I known that. But, such are daughters."

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