Mike Huckabee in No Rush to Declare for 2012

But says he doesn't have to rush into an announcement.

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While sounding like a presidential candidate, 2008 hopeful and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said that he has time to decide unlike lesser knowns who he says have to organize early to begin fundraising and boosting name recognition.

"I'm certainly contemplating a decision to run again," said Huckabee in an interview to promote his latest book, A Simple Government. The book contains many of his political plans and ideas, most of which were aired during the 2008 campaign. Huckabee, now a Fox News talk show host and contributor to Citadel radio stations, said that the political landscape is more favorable to him than it was four years ago.

Then, he said, he was pigeonholed as an evangelical candidate who faced more questions on evolution than the economy, his passion. Now, he says, he is leading national polls in states like New Jersey. "No longer, I think, have I been relegated to a subset," he says. [See the 10 best cities to find a job.]

And, he adds, finally carrying home a significant paycheck won't deter him from running. "I've had nothing and I was pretty doggone content," he said. "I'm not so enamored with the things that I have that they have me."

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