New RNC Rules Mean a Longer GOP 2012 Presidential Race

A new RNC rule delays the start of the primary and caucus season by a month.


The 2012 Republican presidential nominee won’t be known as fast as John McCain was when he won more than the needed 1,191 Republican delegates in the March 4, 2008, primaries. Party officials tell Whispers that new rule changes will push back to mid- or late-April the first chance a candidate will have to garner enough delegates to declare victory. What happened? The Republican National Committee tweaked the election calendar to give the primary and caucus season a later start by a month and declared that none of the contests could be winner-takes-all until after March. As a result, say GOP officials, more candidates will stay in the race longer, giving voters in later election states a better shot at influencing who is finally chosen to run against President Obama.

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