New Book Calls Rush Limbaugh Lazy

Author John Wilson thinks he knows why Limbaugh is unbending on his views.

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Rush haters have a new book to love: The Most Dangerous Man In America. In it, author John Wilson thinks he knows why Rush Limbaugh is so unbending on his views: Rush is a lazy daddy’s boy. Wilson says Rush didn’t challenge his dad’s conservative opinions and resisted schooling that would have offered different views. “Limbaugh’s refusal to question his father’s teachings might explain why he hated school so much. Limbaugh believes he learned everything he ever needed to know from his father, and what he was taught in school may have challenged some of those ideas,” pens Wilson, who mocks that Rush pronounces “schools” as “screwls.” Wilson’s no fan. His other books have praised President Obama and hit former Speaker Newt Gingrich.

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