Ron Reagan Gets Hosed on Talk Radio

The Gipper’s son responds to talk radio criticism of his new book.


If Ron Reagan’s book tour to pitch My Father At 100 has taught him one thing, it’s that talk radio probably isn’t his calling, despite being a former host on lefty Air America. “I’m not a yeller. There’s a lot of that going on,” he says, citing an interview with WFLA in Tampa on a show hosted by Jack Harris and Tedd Webb (which also features Whispers on Mondays). “Within one minute of getting me on the air,” recalls Reagan, “Tedd had called me an asshole, threatened to kick my ass, and told me that he, no, hadn’t bought my book and wasn’t going to unless he needed something extra to wipe his ass with.” All true and Webb isn’t backing down, telling us: “Reagan Jr. has gotten away with being insulting to his father’s memory for a while. No big deal. I told him what millions have wanted to tell him for quite some time.”


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