Palin, Pawlenty, and Thune Need an Image Update

A PR makeover specialist’s ideas for 2012 GOP presidential candidates.


Already bored with many of the likely 2012 GOP presidential candidates, most of whom have been on the political scene for a while? Well, famed PR makeover specialist Pierce Mattie has an idea for the likes of Sarah Palin and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: Update your look. Let’s start with Palin. While he says she has the best look of any politician, she needs to get rid of the bun and go for a soft, bouncy bob. And dump the pricey glasses. “Sarah’s trying to convey trust and stability by wearing her hair, makeup, and glasses the same every day,” he tells our Suzi Parker. “It shows a lack of change, inflexibility, and inability to try new things. In these new times, we need a political figure that’s going to take some risks.” On the guy front, Mattie says that former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and South Dakota Sen. John Thune have hit 50, showing lines on their sagging jowls. Mattie suggests soft tissue fillers injected into the problem areas. Portly Govs. Haley Barbour of Mississippi and Christie also get the Mattie treatment. “Haley dresses well. For a big guy, his suits are always tailored and fit him perfectly.” But frumpy Christie ought to follow, um, suit. “We wish we could say the same for Chris Christie,” he says.


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