Donald Rumsfeld’s Back: On Twitter

Move over, Sarah Palin. Donald Rumsfeld is tweeting.

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Move over, Sarah Palin. You’re not the only big shot who’s stirring it up in 140 characters or less on Twitter. Now tweeting and regularly updating his Facebook status is former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. While it’s all part of the marketing campaign for his upcoming book Known and Unknown, Rumsfeld seems to be having fun enticing fans with tidbits of his life. Like: “69 years ago today I was listening to a Chicago Bears game with my dad when the US was attacked. He decided to join the Navy and went to war.” Aide Keith Urbahn says the book, and the Internet library being built to back it up, will be filled with personal and policy facts. “It’s a totally different project than most books of its kind because of the use of contemporaneous documents,” he says. “A lot of folks are going to be surprised—not only by the documents, but by the story they tell.”


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