10 Reasons Obama Should Be Re-elected

Obama continues to be an odds-on favorite to win re-election.

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Despite his political troubles and poor approval ratings, President Obama continues to be an odds-on favorite to win re-election less than two years before the 2012 election. But should he be re-elected? We put that question to our Whispers insiders who seemed to struggle with an answer. Democrats say he has to be given time to complete his agenda. Republicans joked that a second term would make George W. Bush look like FDR or Reagan by comparison. In the end we pulled the 10 best reasons for why Obama should be re-elected. [See a slide show of 10 Reasons Obama Must Be Re-elected]

1. Improves the odds that the country will elect another minority president. Our insiders say it would prove all the naysayers and bigots wrong that a minority can't do the job.

2. Implementing Obamacare. The president needs time and a chance to show it will work. And much of the health reform plan won't kick in until after the 2012 election.

3. Continuing the economic recovery. Consistency is the key and economists say that the slow recovery needs to stay on track in order to bring unemployment down over the next five years.

4. Restore the Democratic majority. Only Democrats like this point, of course, but if Obama can win re-election he will likely have coattails for other Democrats to grab on to and possibly put Nancy Pelosi back in the speaker's chair.

5. End the war. Our insiders see a Republican president continuing the war on terror in Afghanistan while Obama is still eager to withdraw troops.

6. Prove compromise works. He came in talking about working in bipartisan manner and only at the end was Obama able to cut a deal with the GOP on taxes. His success over the next two years might have to be built on more compromise, meaning that greater bipartisanship could reward him with re-election.

7. Would help Bill Clinton's comeback. Obama has practically made Clinton a deputy president on issues like healthcare and the tax cuts, and further chores would only help his most successful comeback.

8. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin would likely reach historic audience totals.

9. Because Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, won't be ready to run for president until 2016.

10. Stopping Sarah Palin. Is the country ready for Sarah Palin's America?

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