Poll: Spending Cuts Favored Over Tax Cuts

The Whispers poll finds 45 percent want to cut spending.

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The Republican message that Washington is spending itself into disaster seems to have caught on. In the latest Washington Whispers poll, nearly half said that federal spending needs to be cut. Just about a quarter said cutting taxes should come first.

In the poll, we provided five answers to the question: What needs to be cut? While spending and taxes led the way, politicians also came under fire with 15 percent saying the number of Republicans in Congress should be slashed and 9 percent saying the number of Democrats in Congress needs to be reduced.

Federal workers got off light with just 5 percent saying that their numbers should be slashed.

When it came to the big issues, though, 45 percent said that spending should be cut; 26 percent said taxes. Our pollster said that those issues split among older and younger Americans. "Notice the age difference. Those age 55 and older are much more likely to want to cut federal spending. They are three times more likely to want spending cuts than they are tax cuts." [Read more about government spending.]

But, he added, "younger people are almost twice as likely than those 55 and older are to say they want tax cuts. Overall, even the 18-54-year-olds want spending cut more, but they are much more interested in tax cuts than those 55 and older are."

As you may have heard, President Obama recently cut his lip playing basketball. What else needs to be cut in Washington?

Federal spending 45%

Taxes 26%

The number of Republicans in Congress 15%

The number of Democrats in Congress 9%

Federal employees 5%

Source: The Synovate eNation Internet poll was conducted December 3-7 among 1,000 nationally representative households by global market research firm Synovate.

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