Only In D.C.: An Award For Deficit Busting

Suddenly the green eye shade set is cool.


It's a sign of the times: Budget geeks like incoming Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan are cool.

Need proof? A new coalition of budget watchdogs tell Whispers that they plan to unveil a new award today that will reward the best and the brightest of the green eyeshade crowd. Called the Fiscy Awards, they will reward two federal elected officials and one state or local elected official for bringing the deficit to the nation's attention.

The Fiscy Award judges are serious budget watchers: David Walker, founder and president of the Comeback America Initiative; Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Budget; and Robert Bixby, executive director of the Concord Coalition.

Today they'll announce that the awards will be presented January 5 at the Newseum. Insiders say "high profile" budget busters like Ryan top the list of those being considered.

"Our nation faces serious structural deficits at all levels of government and the American people are concerned. The time has come to initiate an award for elected designed to promote fiscal responsibility at both the federal and state level. The inaugural Fiscy Awards will be given to highly deserving elected officials with significant achievements in promoting and practicing fiscal responsibility," says Walker.

MacGuineas says, "Change will not come without leadership. While many politicians have not been eager to embrace the types of policy changes needed to get our fiscal house in order, it is important that we recognize those who have. We hope that more policy makers will follow suit, and that in fiscal year 2011, we'll have even more to celebrate."

And Bixby adds: "Political leaders often lament the shameful state of our nation's finances without saying what they would do about it. The Fiscy Awards will recognize a select few who have the courage to propose solutions. While neither party bears the full responsibility for creating the problem they share the responsibility for solving it. We hope that giving this award to some who have shown leadership will encourage others to join in this critical effort."

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