George W. Bush Note Up for Auction

The handwritten note reads just like the former president talks.

George W. Bush note (side 1)

Most politicians, especially those running for president, try to contract out fundraising chores. But evidence has surfaced that George W. Bush dove into fundraising during his first presidential campaign in 2000. Our friends at Alexander Autographs are selling a handwritten note from Bush that blasts the Clinton-Gore years and promises a “fresh start” on issues like taxes, Social Security, and especially education. “My real problem is politicians who never stop talking, and children who never start reading. I will rescue children from failure,” Bush wrote. The best part: It reads just like he talks. “I will work to cut taxes for everyone who pay taxes. American wants a leader who put behind us the daily attacks, constant polls, partisanship, and gridlock.” He calls his predecessors “the Clinton/ Gore.” Bush letters are so rare that auctioneer Bill Panagopulos says it should bring at least $9,000 at his company’s December 16 sale. “This is handwritten and Bush is very rare in such letters” in the auction market, says Panagopulos.

George W. Bush note side 2
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