Florida's Senators Promote Seafood

Florida senators plan a bi-partisan effort at promoting their state's seafood industry.

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They're sharks when it comes to politics. But Florida's Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and Tea Party poster boy Republican Sen.-elect Marco Rubio say they'll swim together when it comes to promoting Florida's seafood industry. What's more, Nelson plans to take Rubio under his fin, er, wing. "You can see the chemistry. Whatever I can do to help him, of course I will. It's a mutual thing," Nelson told us at a celebrity chef event held this week to promote Florida seafood and show off the newest members of the state's congressional delegation. "It's important that two senators help each other and work together on projects that are of mutual interest to our state. I can sense that it will happen," says Nelson, proving that in Florida, fish are magical. More proof: Among those cooking was Gov. Charlie Crist's chef who says that after Crist's loss to Rubio, he served up a dish of stone crab and grouper that brought a smile to the governor's face.

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