5 Big Changes John Boehner Brings to Speakership

He'll share power, keep smoking, cry on demand, and give golf tees away.


Like a character out of Mad Men, likely incoming House Speaker John Boehner is about to bring old-school cool and political wrangling back into fashion. "He's so cool, every man should hate him," says Tea Party organizer Dick Armey, who calls Boehner the "Dean Martin of politics."

When, as expected, House Republicans elect him to be speaker of the next Congress, Boehner will usher in stylistic and procedural changes. We quizzed his posse about what the biggest switches from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be and this is their top five list:

1. He promises to be less authoritarian. He will relegate more power.

2. Boehner will allow the other side to meddle more than before. He likes legislators.

3. Smokers will be welcome again. He will not give up his cigarettes.

4. More tears. Boehner is a big, and easy, crier.

5. Golf tees will replace Nancy Pelosi's chocolates in the office bowl. He gets his tan from golfing.

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