Reagan Aide: 2010 Elections Like 1980 Landslide

Biographer sees the spirit of Reagan in today's historic elections.


Does Ronald Reagan have a hand in today's elections which could usher in a potentially historic political shift much like the one he rode to the White House 30 years ago Wednesday? Some Reaganites think so.

"The 2010 mid-terms will be a seismic shift in the direction of the country as 1980 was," says Craig Shirley, a former Reagan aide who's penned two biographies on the Gipper, his latest, Rendezvous with Destiny: Ronald Reagan and the Campaign that Started it All.

But what Shirley says is the greatest link between the Reagan Revolution and today's elections is the emergence of the Tea Party. Like Reagan, he says, the Tea Party and its candidates are belittled as know-nothings. Like Reagan, they are opposed by elements of the GOP establishment.

"The strength of conservative ideas in 1979 has been reborn in the last years with the growing influence of the Tea Party movement," says Shirley. "The economic conditions of the time combined with a president who had little experience and few answers to the problems of the American people led to a dramatic victory for conservatives," states Shirley.

Ditto today's elections, he adds. "The ancient argument over the role of government which had been deemed unsophisticated by the elites and which was awakened by Ronald Reagan in 1980 has been awakened once again by the Tea Party movement," Shirley tells Whispers.

"American exceptionalism has saved this country and the world in the past and will save America once again, this time from over-reaching Obamaism," he adds.

After today's elections, look to hear a lot more comparisons of Reagan and the Tea Party as the nation next year celebrates the former president's 100th birthday.

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