10 Who May Replace Robert Gibbs as White House Spokesman

Insiders list the 10 would could replace Obama's spokesman.

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With expectations high that White House spokesman Robert Gibbs will be elevated to either a top Obama adviser or named chairman of the Democratic National Committee, the administration and the media are buzzing over who'd replace the president's first press secretary. All indications point to a promotion from within, most likely of Gibbs deputy Bill Burton, but some in the media and administration are suggesting other experienced communicators for the post. According to them, here are the top 10 choices for the next White House spokesman:

Bill Burton, deputy White House spokesman. Like Gibbs, he is liked by the media and has a rich background in congressional relations. He was spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Stephanie Cutter, the president's special projects aide and a longtime political spokeswoman. She is a regular, and lively, blogger on the White House site and has also aided first lady Michelle Obama.

Jay Carney, the vice president's communication adviser. He is a former Time magazine bureau chief and the media's favorite for the job.

P.J. Crowley, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's communications chief. He has the most experience of the 10, having also served as a spokesman for Bill Clinton's national security adviser. He also worked for Obama and Clinton adviser John Podesta, head of Center for American Progress. He is a retired Air Force colonel and best fits the Mike McCurry model.

Brad Woodhouse, the communications chief for the Democratic National Committee. An inventive progressive activist, he's built a strong team at the DNC and is destined to become Obama's re-election campaign spokesman if not promoted into the White House.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell. A close aide to Defense Secretary Bob Gates, Morell, a former ABC White House reporter, is more in tune with policy and issues than the others who are more politically driven.

Center for American Progress spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri. She knows the key issues and players and has been a spokeswoman in the Clinton administration, the John Edwards presidential campaign and DNC. She also worked for CIA Director Leon Panetta.

Former Democratic Party spokeswoman Karen Finney. She helped craft Howard Dean's message that helped put the Democrats in charge of the House and Senate. She is a blogger for U.S. News and has worked in the Clinton White House.

Treasury counselor Jake Siewert. He was Bill Clinton's last White House spokesman and was close to Al Gore. He has also worked for Alcoa.

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann or Ed Schultz, two very long shots if President Obama wants to reach into TV's ranks like former President George W. Bush did to find the late Tony Snow.

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