Disgraced Ex-Lobbyist Abramoff Starts Comeback on Facebook

Friends say disgraced ex-lobbyist is shaking off three years in jail.

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Washington loves a comeback story and in 2010 that means it starts on Facebook. Just added to the ranks of the world's largest social network: Disgraced former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, jailed on fraud, corruption and conspiracy charges.

Abramoff's page is brand new and two friends tell Whispers that it's authentic. It's bare bones, featuring just his picture in front of a black chain-link fence.

It lists six friends, including Floyd Brown, a GOP activist who runs the Web sites www.impeachobamacampaign.com and www.westernjournalism.com and who founded Citizens United, the group that helped to rewrite fundraising rules via a historic Supreme Court ruling in January that paved the way for corporate spending on campaigns this year.

While Abramoff hasn't yet returned our message to his Facebook page, Brown said it's his. "It is Jack, but I don't think he will be talking to the press anytime soon. He is just reconnecting with some friends from the old days that have expressed support during his difficult journey."

Another said it's possible that Abramoff may use Facebook in his comeback. "I think he has a number of plans moving into 2011, but I'm not sure how much or little they will involve FB."

Abramoff was sentenced in 2006 to nearly six years for a fraudulent Florida casino deal. In 2008, he received a four-year sentence for conspiring to defraud the U.S., corrupting public officials and defrauding his clients in a separate case. He was released last June and later went to work at a Kosher Baltimore pizza parlor. His case was the subject of two movies.

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