Liberal MSNBC, Conservative CNBC Are TV’s Jekyll and Hyde

New book by CNBC host Michelle Caruso-Cabrera shows she’s ‘right.’


NBC's cable kids are fast becoming the Jekyll and Hyde of TV. Where many of MSNBC's anchors lean left, CNBC's stray right. The latest proof: CNBC Power Lunch host Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has just written You Know I'm Right. Actually, she's more libertarian—Reagan conservative on spending, Clinton moderate on social issues. "I want a government who stays out of my private life and out of my pocketbook," she tells us. Among her money-saving suggestions: End Social Security and Medicare. As for CNBC's bent? "We are a network that is about the little guy," she says. "Every journalist is the voice of the voiceless, right? And many small shareholders are voiceless. That's what we're here for."

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  • Corrected on : Corrected 10/5/10: A previous version of this article's headline misidentified CNBC.