White House Blog Goes Into Election 2010 Battle Mode

The White House blog has recently been used to punch GOP opponents and their ideas.


The White House Blog, the administration's Web site used mostly to explain President Obama's programs and help Americans wade through the federal bureaucracy, has taken a decidedly political pre-election tone. Some days a how-to guide to his government while on others a lively daily presidential diary, the blog has recently been used to punch GOP opponents and their ideas. In the past two weeks, for example, the blog has taken a shot at a GOP lawmaker's threat to shut down the government and Minority Leader John Boehner's back-and-forth on extending Bush-era tax cuts to the rich. Some GOP-ers question the use of a taxpayer-funded site to bash the GOP, but Democratic strategists say it's the only way for the White House to deliver its message unfiltered. "It's really become a 'must' in any effective communications strategy," says former Democratic Party spokeswoman Karen Finney, a U.S. News blogger. "Given the proliferation of the 24-hour news cycle, blogs, opinion journalism, and the ease with which misinformation is circulated as fact, how could they not?"

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