Richard Simmons to Michelle Obama: I Can Help

Fitness guru wants to help first lady's fitness push.


Picture this: Frizzy-haired exercise guru Richard Simmons doing his trademark booty shake with first lady Michelle Obama, the nation's fitness model. "I could help her and be a servant for her project," says Simmons, who's eager to help Obama's effort and maybe even cut a video with her. "I've probably talked to more overweight people than anybody and I know what can turn people around." Fitness, he says, needs to extend into the classroom as early as first grade, where students should be taught "to understand the importance of food and the way their bodies work." Simmons has been working with California Democratic Rep. George Miller to pass the "FIT Kids Act," which boosts K-12 P.E. classes. Meanwhile, he says, "PTAs need to come up with ideas, schools need to make money, not wait on the government to give them money."

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