Zogby: For Obama, Now Or Never To Gin Up Base

The far right remains the Democrats' best get-out-the-vote mechanism.

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Pollster John Zogby updates our weekly Obama Report Card with a grade on the president's performance. Zogby uses his polling, expert analysis, and interaction with major players to come up with a grade and some comments that capture how he sees the president's week ending.

John Zogby on Week 86:

Pre-election polling is showing no improvement for the Democrats or the president, and the probability of big losses is being talked about now as a certainty. President Obama is trying to draw distinctions with Republicans by proposing a $50 billion public works plan, capital investment write-offs for business and holding firm on ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich. Obama wants to gin up support from the liberal base, who may be all that can save Democrats from disaster in November's midterm. The far right continues to be the Democrats' best get-out-the-vote mechanism. The latest example is the Florida church that threatened to burn the Koran on 9-11 and put U.S. troops in Afghanistan in danger of reprisals.

This week's grade: C-

Last week's: C+

John Zogby is president and CEO of Zogby International, a public opinion, research, and business solutions firm with experience working in more than 70 countries around the globe. Founded and led by Zogby since 1984, Zogby International specializes in telephone, Internet, and face-to-face survey research and analysis for corporate, political, nonprofit, and governmental clients. The firm is headquartered in Utica, N.Y. John Zogby is also the author of The Way We'll Be: The Zogby Report on the Transformation of the American Dream (Random House).