Democrats Try to Make John Boehner Into Newt Gingrich

The party’s problem is that ‘Boehner ain’t Newt.’

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After Whispers received nearly 30 Democratic E-mail press releases decrying House Minority Leader John Boehner's attack on the president's economic team this week, it was clear that the White House is trying to elevate the Republican's profile to where the outspoken Newt Gingrich's was in 1994. But GOP-ers say making Boehner this year's election bogeyman won't work.

"The problem is: Boehner ain't Newt," says centrist Ripon Forum editor Lou Zickar. "We want to thank Democrats," adds a Boehner spokesman, for drawing "even more attention to the substance of Boehner's speech and the GOP solutions he outlined."

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