National Archives, U.S. Mint Get New Looks

Design changes draw criticism as unnecessary.

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Without fanfare, the Obama administration is moving to change the face of some agencies, notably the National Archives and the U.S. Mint. Earlier this summer, the Archives changed its logo to resemble the classical-style sculpture outside its building. Instead of just words, the new logo features an eagle that "symbolizes protection—underscoring the role of the National Archives as guardian of this nation's records," says an Archives spokesperson. Then there's the Mint, which is jazzing up the design of its boxed, collector proof sets that are big sellers. Some at the Mint think it has a weak brand, despite being the agency that stamps money. Others on Capitol Hill think the new effort is a waste of coin. "Here's a better way Washington can help Americans collect coins: Stop spending so much money," says John Hart, spokesman for fiscal hawk Sen. Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican.

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