Democrats Attack 'Hatred' From Limbaugh, Fox's Beck

Tim Kaine fundraising letter warns against falling "victim" to Bush-era GOP in elections.

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Rush Limbaugh has been rapped by the White House on several issues, most recently the auto bailout. Fox's Glenn Beck has also been a regular target of liberals, most recently for scheduling a protest at the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech.

Now Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine is taking both of the righty-talkers to task. In a two-page fundraising letter that also includes some blame Bush language, Kaine, the former Virginia governor, says, "The Republican Party has been trying to fight back after the defeats in the 2008 elections, and is being aided by the misinformation and hatred being spread by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Our nation cannot afford for the Democratic Party to lose momentum."

His letter has a sense of urgency, especially now as polls show a widening gap in voter intensity that favors the Republicans in the fall midterm elections. "President Obama urgently needs your support," he writes. [See a slide show of the members of Obama's inner circle.]

The Kaine letter makes the case for many of President Obama's overlooked successes and warns that Bush-era Republicans are lurking around the corner. He notes Obama's victories on healthcare, Wall Street reform, and moving troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. He also lays out Obama's future agenda. "With your help, President Obama will push through initiatives that are critical to America's future: a clean energy policy to slow climate change and improve our economic and national security; improving the security of our nation from the threat of terrorism; further efforts to rebuild our economy and combat unemployment."

In asking for contributions of $25, $35, and $50, Kaine says that the DNC and Obama campaign group Organizing for America plan to spend the fall trying to energize the 2008 political base that elected Obama and rejected Bush-era politics. "We cannot allow our government to once again fall victim to the domestic and international failures that exemplified Republican rule during the George W. Bush years. We must continue forward with the same energy that generated electoral victories in 2008 and our successful historic fight for health insurance reform."

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