Tim Pawlenty's Street Talk on the 2012 Campaign Trail

The presidential election is drawing lots of younger generation Republicans.

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The 2012 presidential election ticket is drawing lots of younger generation Republicans. And they're bringing with them a different vernacular. Take 49-year-old Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty as an example. This week he met with reporters and tried out some street talk. At one point, he compared the need for immigration enforcement to how New York cleaned up its streets. "It's analogous in some ways to what was happening in New York not long ago. If you allow people to pee on the sidewalks, next they're snatching purses," he says. Later, going down a list of issues driving voters, he says, "Are my kid's schools going to be good or are they going to suck?" Maybe not very presidential, but Pawlenty says he's not a "country club elitist," just somebody who hangs out with guys who wear Carhartt and drink Miller. "It helps to have a messenger that has walked in their shoes a bit," he says.

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