10 Ethics Allegations That Threaten Charlie Rangel's Job

Of all the ethics allegations Rangel faces, these 10 scream bad news for the Hill icon.


It took 40 pages for the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, or the ethics committee, to spell out their case against Rep. Charlie Rangel. But it all comes down to this: The longtime House member, who used to be chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, which handles taxes, should have known when he was crowding or crossing federal tax and House ethics rules. [See a slide show of the 10 Reasons Rangel is in Trouble.]

Below are the top 10 alleged violations, including the line number in the list of charges, that threaten Rangel's job in Washington.

1. He improperly lobbied House members for a taxpayer-funded $445,000 "earmark" to plan his Rangel Center at City College of New York. Line 10.

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2. He solicited contributions to his Center from companies lobbying his committee, including AIG. Lines 79 and 91.

3. He discussed donations for his Center with lobbyists, including one for Verizon. Line 73.

4. Rangel sent letters on official congressional letterhead about his center to Donald Trump and David Rockefeller. Lines 65-66.

5. He failed to reveal rental and other unearned income on his House disclosure statements. Lines 107 and 115.

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6. He gave the wrong value of a rental villa at the Punta Cana Yacht Club in the Dominican Republic. Line 121. Also failed to report rental income. Line 128-130.

7. Rangel didn't report earned income from IRA distributions or his numerous assets with the Congressional Federal Credit Union. Lines 134 and 136.

8. He didn't reveal his mutual fund holdings in companies like ING, iShares. Line 136.

9. He improperly used the Congressional Frank, or free postage, to solicit funds for his Center. Line 196-197.

10. He improperly used a rent control apartment in New York's Lenox Terrace for office space when the rules required that it be used as housing only. Line 236.

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