Poll: Obama Beats Romney, Palin, and Dirty Harry

President would beat key Washington and Hollywood Republicans.

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It's President Obama who's saying "go ahead, make my day" as he squares off with potential 2012 Republican presidential challengers.

According to a new Zogby Interactive poll just provided to Washington Whispers, the president would whip all "big name" Republicans, including Hollywood GOP-ers like Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck, and Chuck Norris.

The poll of 8,487 likely voters taken July 16-19 was the idea of a Zogby fan. "A reader E-mailed and asked us to test some big Hollywood Republicans and we thought it was a good idea," said Zogby, who does the weekly Washington Whispers Obama Report Card.

For good measure, the pollster sifted in some expected 2012 presidential challengers like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin and found that Obama would best them and former President Bush. [See a slide show of 10 reasons Palin would make a good president.]

Here are the results:

Obama Vs Sarah Palin

    48           37

Obama Vs Mitt Romney

    45           43

Obama Vs Mike Huckabee

    46           37

Obama Vs George W. Bush

    47           38

Obama Vs Tom Selleck

    46           23

Obama Vs Clint Eastwood

    45           28

Obama Vs Chuck Norris

    45           29

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