Angelina Jolie Film Salt a Reminder that Spying Continues

A former KGB officer says the Cold War is over but espionage goes on.

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The timing of Angelina Jolie's latest flick, Salt, seems almost too perfect to be coincidence. The movie about a Russian spy ring in present day, post-Cold War America will be released only weeks after the FBI exposed a Russian spy ring in the United States.

Former spooks, who got a chance to see the film before its opening next Friday, note that while the superpower showdown might be over, the spies are still hard at work. "The Cold War is over, but espionage will go on," says former KGB officer Oleg Kalugin after watching the special screening. "Eternal vigilance should be maintained, and the movie is a good reminder." The real Russian spies are nothing like Salt, the gunslinging, semi-truck surfing, frantically fleeing main character in the film. Though one of the accused did make a neat and tidy getaway from the Cypriot authorities.

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