Fox Raids Conservative Washington Examiner

Tab is losing bow-tied political editor Chris Stirewalt.

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Here’s proof that the conservative upstart tab, the Washington Examiner, has elbowed it’s way into the city’s political establishment: Fox is raiding their political desk. We hear that Washington Examiner Political Editor Chris Stirewalt, is jumping to and will start at the end of the month.

The bow-tied Stirewalt is a major player at the paper which is competing with the Washington Times to become the voice of Washington conservative movement, a fight they seem to be winning, having built a stable of conservative writers, even some from the Times. He writes a column, handles the morning blog news review he calls “Morning Must Reads,” and regularly posts on the paper’s Beltway Confidential blog.

He made news this week when he joined those calling for the ouster of Michael Steele as chairman of the Republican National Committee. He wrote: “Steele should go. His statements are yet more proof that he misunderstands the job of Republican National Committee chairman. But he shouldn’t be sacked for having a dissenting view of the Afghan war. He should go because he expressed any view at all.”

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