New Site Reaches Out to the Tea Party

Ginni Thomas is staying out of her Supreme Court justice husband’s way at the site.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

One of Washington’s power couples, GOP activist Ginni Thomas and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is getting more political muscle. Ginni Thomas has just started a new website,, which is reaching out to the Tea Party movement and others to promote Reaganesque principles and help angry Americans change the city’s political balance. “I’m inspired by the Tea Party movement,” she says. “I’m happy to be called a Tea Party person, but I think what I’m doing is bigger,” she adds, noting that her site also focuses on issues like national security that the Tea Partyers don’t. She plans to get involved in the midterm and presidential elections. “We need all hands on deck for the next five months and then the next two years after that for the next election,” she says. But Thomas is also trying to stay out of her hubby’s way and avoids court matters at “I’ve always been careful to watch for conflict issues.”

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