Wolf Blitzer, Sport Junkie

CNN anchor thought about Kentucky basketball while covering Rand Paul’s primary victory.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer isn't just a fall sports fan when football, hockey, and basketball dominate. The host of CNN's Situation Room tells us that he's crazy for the Washington Nationals, major league soccer, and even the NBA draft. "The night Rand Paul won the Kentucky [Senate] primary was the night the [Washington] Wizards won the lottery for the NBA No. 1 pick, and I was thinking of [likely first pick] John Wall of Kentucky even while anchoring our coverage of Rand Paul's win," he says. What's more, he watches a local TV feed of Nationals' minor league phenom Stephen Strasburg games at the team's Syracuse, N.Y., farm team. "Can you imagine?" asks Wolf. As for his latest fave: the aptly named Buffalo Blitzers, a pro soccer team.

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