Shaun Donovan's New Washington Home

The HUD secretary put his money where his mouth is with his own real estate purchase.

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By Jessica Rettig, Washington Whispers

Shaun Donovan says he has the utmost confidence in the strength of the nation's housing market. But that's to be expected from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Now Donovan is putting his money where his mouth is with his own real estate transaction. The Big Apple native and former New York City housing czar put his Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, property—a house that the former architect and his landscape-architect wife, Liza, redesigned themselves—up for sale. The couple and their two sons are headed to a new house in the nation's capital, though the exact location is a closely guarded secret because of his cabinet-level status. Donovan had previously lived in an apartment in Washington while his family stayed in New York, but it's time to bring everyone under one roof. And he's walking the walk on promoting livable communities. His new home meets HUD's Sustainable Communities Initiative criteria, meaning it's close to retail stores, public transportation, and a school.

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