A New Push for Term Limits

One group thinks bonded term limits would get politicians to keep their promises.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

There's a new campaign to put some teeth into term-limit promises politicians makeā€”and then break. The idea: a bonded term limit. It would require candidates to set aside cash or personal property before they enter office that would pass to charity if the vow is broken. "The credibility of a politician's promise is directly proportional to the loss he might suffer by breaking it," says Bob Neff of the new Alliance for Bonded Term Limits. "Good intentions can be abandoned when there is nothing to lose by doing so." Neff isn't only chasing term limits. To get Congress on the right track, he wants those up for re-election tossed out and replaced with new members not drunk on seniority or the "lush trappings" of Capitol Hill. ABTL Director Bob Hansen adds: "Vote every single one of them out."

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