Rice Promises U.S. Will Pay U.N. Bills

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice voiced her commitment to the world body.

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By Jessica Rettig, Washington Whispers

There's nothing like a sad movie about a slain diplomat to stir some tears for the United Nations, constantly under assault by conservatives for costing too much and doing too little. It happened this week after a screening of HBO's Sergio, which portrays the life and death of a Brazilian U.N. diplomat. During a post-screening discussion about the flick, Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, says the U.N. is a convenient "whipping boy," but weakening U.S. support would hurt its mission. To prove the Obama administration's commitment, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice promises that Washington will start paying the nearly $1 billion in arrears it owes to the world body.

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