Andrea Mitchell Gets a Parental Pass

Spilled Starbucks shocks NBC veteran, but expletive gets a laugh.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

An only in Washington moment: On Sunday, NBC's veteran reporter Andrea Mitchell was seen by our tipster, a long-time source, coming out of the Starbucks in the Spring Valley section of Washington. The always active newswoman was dressed in her white tennis outfit carrying a cup of Joe when she spilled some on her outfit as she got into a black sedan driven by hubby Alan Greenspan, the former Federal Reserve chairman.

"Damn it!" Mitchell said, obviously stung by the hot coffee. Then she looked around and saw our tipster with his little toddler on the sidewalk close by. She didn't miss a beat. "She apologized profusely," said the dad. "Mitchell was quite nice about her gaffe."

In fact, after she apologized, the amused dad helped to lighten the moment. "We assured Andrea that this was not the first time our toddler had heard the word."

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