How Sarah Palin Will Win the GOP Presidential Nod

A Democratic pollster says don’t count the former governor out yet.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Sarah Palin's roller-coaster ride from GOP darling to dunce is speeding up the track again. Not only has the respected National Journal made her their cover girl with a headline of "No Dummy," but now even Democrats are starting to worry about her influence. "Don't count her out yet," says Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. Why? While many GOP-ers think Palin could win the Iowa GOP presidential caucus in 2012, some think her luck would end there because conservatives don't do as well in the following primaries. But Lake says Palin could also do well in more liberal New Hampshire, giving her the Big Mo to win the nomination. Her reasoning: New Hampshire Republicans like to vote for women. "It's one of the most pro-female Republican primaries," says Lake.

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