Rumors Say CIA’s Kappes Will Retire

The rumor mill is spinning again at the CIA.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

The rumor mill is spinning again at the CIA suggesting that Deputy Director Steve Kappes will retire soon. There are also rumblings of a larger shake-up to the administration's national security team, including job changes for White House Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan and CIA Director Leon Panetta, though multiple sources say that they are not leaving. Asked about the rumors, an intelligence insider says: "When the weather warms up, so does the Washington rumor mill. Last summer, Panetta was supposedly on his way out. That was garbage, then and now. Then we heard about [National Intelligence Director] Dennis Blair being on the outs—and he's still on the job. So is Brennan. There was talk about Kappes leaving last year, too." Kremlinologists will note that in the case of Kappes, our tipster didn't say he was staying on. Our tipster adds: "Here's a news flash about the gossip: It'll all be true—someday."

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