Sean Hannity Names Obama’s 15 Most Radical Aides

Fox’s righty rabble-rouser targets 15 “Marxist” Obama aides in new book.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers 

Fox New Channel's conservative megaphone Sean Hannity has had it up to here with Barack Obama, the president's "like-minded miscreants," and even talk of a third party filled with Tea Party activists. 

For proof, just look at his new book, Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda. Destined to become another New York Times bestseller for Hannity, the 248-page paperback—no pictures—is his latest call for GOP unity to defeat Obama's agenda and conjure up a political future with Reaganesque politics. 

Harper Collins just delivered us a copy of the book, and it is a full-throated expansion of Hannity's keys to a conservative victory based on economic growth, a strong military, and a domestic agenda the GOP offered to the Obama administration, only to be ignored. It's also a call on Republicans to join, not splinter into a competing GOP and third party. 

It's his belief that Obama is a radical who is surrounded by radicals, and that is the meat of the book. One chapter is even called " Obama the Socialist." 

But it's Chapter Two, "Obama's New Radical Friends," that we're focusing on because of the controversies over the president's czars and liberal friends from the past. For Hannity, they amount to a most-wanted poster of Obama picks. 

"The truth about him and his inner circle is stranger than fiction," pens Hannity. "He couldn't be more of a Manchurian candidate if he were auditioning for a role in the movie. This stuff is just too bizarre for most Americans to process: An actual Marxist in the White House who has surrounded himself with like-minded miscreants." 

Tough language that had some Democrats laughing when they read it. Ditto for some of Hannity's other claims, many of which have been raised in the media before and dismissed by the White House. But for Hannity, it's serious business when it comes to taking a look at Obama's "foxhole comrades." Here are Hannity's 15 Obama Radicals: 

1. Marilyn Katz. He links her to the Students for a Democratic Society and the famous Chicago Seven trial. Katz has raised funds for the president. 

2. David Axelrod. You know him as the soft-spoken top aide to the president, but Hannity focuses on radicals from the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention riots who mentored "Axe." 

3. Valerie Jarrett. She's another senior adviser from Chicago and a longtime Obama friend. But Hannity sees her role as Obama's ears and eyes as being a "conduit for far-leftists." 

4. Mark Lloyd. He was named Obama's diversity czar. Hannity notes Lloyd's role in penning a paper to "undermine conservative talk and bolster liberal talk" in radio. 

5. Cass Sunstein. Obama's regulatory czar, who Hannity says supports boosting animal rights and human cloning. 

6. Ron Bloom. Obama's manufacturing czar. Hannity hits Bloom's labor connections as he tries to create jobs. 

7. Anita Dunn. She was Obama's effective communications boss for a while. In that position, she went to war with Fox News. 

8. Van Jones. He was the short-term green czar. He left after it was revealed that he used a dirty phrase to refer to Republicans and that he signed a petition in 2004 calling for a probe into whether the government allowed 9/11 to happen. 

9. Kevin Jennings. The "safe schools czar." Hannity accuses the gay aide of trying to introduce homosexual themes into schools and abandoning religion. 

10. Harry Knox. An Obama faith-based and neighborhood partnership aide. Knox got into a controversy when he criticized a comment by the pope about condom use and AIDS. 

11. Carol Browner. She was a Clinton-Gore environmental aide who Obama picked as the global warming czar. Hannity calls her a radical on the issue. 

12. John Holdren. Obama's science czar. Hannity cites a report from 1977 that refers to population control. 

13. Kathleen Sebelius. She's the secretary of health and human services and a former governor of Kansas. Hannity raps her support for abortion. 

14. Harold Koh. He won a legal job at the State Department, irking Hannity, who says Koh supports U.S. judges considering other nations' laws when interpreting the Constitution. 

15. Dawn Johnson, Obama's pick to head the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel. Hannity is angered by her support for abortion and a bid to review which terror detainees from the Bush years should win release. 

Concludes Hannity in the new book: "With Obama, nothing is a coincidence. He knows precisely what he's doing and where he's going, and he doesn't intend to allow anything, including the unequivocal opposition of an overwhelming majority of the American people, to get in his way." 

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