GOP Testing a New Contract With America

Party sees voter appetite for where they’d take Washington if put in charge in the fall elections.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

With public and internal polls showing the likelihood of a huge Republican voter swing in the fall, party officials are now testing the need for and the issues that would be included in an election agenda like the 1994 Contract With America.

One of the key findings by party officials quizzing the public so far: Voters would like a list of changes the Republicans would bring if installed as the majority in the House or Senate or both. "There would be a market" for a new contract, says a top official.

Both the House and the Senate GOP have tasked members to reach outside the beltway to draw up ideas that could be included in a new contract. And Tea Party members working with Dick Armey's FreedomWorks are drawing up a similar "Contract From America."

At issue is what will be included and when it would be unveiled. GOP pollsters say that they are testing themes and issues. And while they would not detail what they are, it is expected that the most of the issues will deal with cutting the deficit, the size of the government, limiting spending, and boosting liberty and the military. "It is still a center-right nation," says one of those involved in polling top issues for a second contract.

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