Obama Could Have a Bush "Mission Accomplished" Moment

It could be trouble if Obama jumps to take credit for an improving economy too soon.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Jumping the gun to take credit is one of the symptoms of presidentialitis. Bill Clinton did it when he praised an economic recovery in 1994 that people didn't feel yet. George W. Bush did it with a "Mission Accomplished" banner that referred to the Iraq war, still being fought. And Democrats worry that Barack Obama is doing it when he talks about the ending recession. Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg tested Obama's words on the recovery made during his recent State of the Union address. When Obama talked about jobs coming back, the test group turned grumpy. "People are very resistant to leaders trumpeting their performance on the economy before there is some change that impacts their lives," says Greenberg. "One of the most difficult things is being able to get that language right as you begin to get positive job growth."

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