Calling for a National First Ladies Day

It’s a potential holiday that has many friends.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Flags have a national day. Patriots too. There's even a National Spaghetti Day. So as the nation this month celebrates Presidents Day, isn't it time to acknowledge the women of the White House? We're proposing a long-overdue National First Ladies Day, of course. The idea came to us when we read first lady Michelle Obama's foreword in the newly reissued First Ladies of the United States of America from the White House Historical Association.

Sure, Obama pens, she and the 44 before mostly play hostess, "but they have increasingly seized the opportunity to contribute to the continuing advancement of the nation outside the White House as well." It's a potential holiday that has many friends. "Most Americans don't realize that we've always gotten two for one in the White House," says Karen Finney, who worked for former first lady Hillary Clinton, now secretary of state. "Our nation has benefited from the wisdom of this amazing group of women who serve without ever getting the recognition they truly deserve," she adds.

Democratic consultant Donna Brazile says the day doesn't have to be a national holiday. "First Ladies Day should be a day on, not a day off. After all, most first ladies work all the time," she argues. "Americans of all stripes should support giving our nation's first ladies a national day to show our deep appreciation and to honor the women who dare to make a difference in the lives of others."

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