GOP-ers Donate Big to Scott Brown in Race for Kennedy Seat

The Republican running for the Ted Kennedy seat has struck gold in this week’s fundraising race.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

A wave of positive polls and the chance of grabbing the Senate seat long held by Massachusetts's Edward M. Kennedy have spurred Republicans to pile millions of dollars into the insurgent campaign of Scott Brown.

Knowledgeable sources tell Whispers that Brown has raised over $1 million every single day this week. And that's just from online contributions. More contributions are arriving in the mail, said the sources.

Much of that money is expected to go into TV ads this weekend, just days before the election Tuesday that pits state senator Brown against longtime Democratic State Attorney General Martha Coakley. That spending will probably settle the stomachs of some in the national party who've thought that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has erred in not running its own ads to counter some by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Party sources say Brown has had such success raising money for his own media campaign that the NRSC hasn't had to buy advertising time and is spending its money elsewhere to support him.

Win or lose, the GOP views the race as a major indicator for the fall midterm elections, especially now that President Obama has gotten involved in helping Coakley.

"We've already sent a very big message about 2010," said a top party official.

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