Injured Veteran Starts 'Wiis for Warriors'

Staff Sgt. David Flowers is helping other war amputees recover.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Air Force Staff Sgt. David Flowers may have lost a leg last May to an Afghan land mine, but the decorated 29-year-old gained a whole new purpose in life: helping other war amputees recover with Nintendo Wii Fit, as he did. Flowers and his wife, Elizabeth, have started Wiis for Warriors, an online charity to raise money to buy the games. "Wii is the largest reason I am walking today," says Flowers. "My mind was occupied with playing the balance games on the Wii." Through, they've raised enough to buy six systems. At $435 each, he says, "they are quite expensive, but I know the benefit outweighs the cost any day."

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