A Wine Club at the National Rifle Association

The NRA club has $7 bottles of wine, with 10 percent going to the organization.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

Think of an outdoor sport that lends itself to sipping a good wine, and you're likely to settle on something like fly-fishing. Not shooting and hunting. That's more like beer and whisky territory. But in its latest fundraising drive, the National Rifle Association is pitching the NRA Wine Club. "Get ready to sip . . . savor . . . swirl . . . share . . . and enjoy!" says club founder Martin Stewart Jr. It's not a bad deal. Wines from the club cost about $7 a bottle, with 10 percent going to the NRA. Still, wine and the NRA? "After a day of hunting or shooting," says spokesman Andrew Arulanandam with emphasis, "NRA members like the freedom to choose an adult beverage of their choice."

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