'Climategate' Inspires New Anti-Global-Warming Website

Scientist in Copenhagen to oppose carbon dioxide cuts, push anti-warming site.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

A leading foe of international plans to cut carbon dioxide has landed in Copenhagen, home to the huge climate summit, to play off the recent "climategate" controversy and announce a website that questions the science behind global warming claims. Leighton Steward tomorrow launches SpeakOutForAmerica.com to draw international attention to the impact of proposals expected to be offered by President Obama and other nations at the two-week summit.

Steward's concern is that the world will cut CO2 too much, which he says will starve plants and eventually lead to food shortages. In a statement to U.S. News this morning, Steward said, "The participants that are showing up at Copenhagen or COP-15 negotiations seem very excited that they may soon reap the benefits from the United States in having to pay for their past sins of burning fossil fuels, causing carbon dioxide. The irony is that CO2 that has been emitted into the atmosphere has caused a rise of 12 percent food growth of the world's agricultural industry."

Steward is a geologist who cowrote the bestselling diet book Sugar Busters. His most recent book, Fire, Ice, and Paradise , reviews past scientific studies and claims that CO2 is not the cause of global warming. His website reviews different areas of the draft Copenhagen Climate Treaty, such as the economics of carbon dioxide regulations and the morality of reacting to climate change claims. SpeakOutForAmerica.com also urges Americans to review global warming science themselves and contact lawmakers with their concerns.

Meanwhile, another foe of the treaty said that the environment at the summit is so sympathetic to global warming scientists that opponents aren't being listened to. "It's like being at a Democratic presidential convention with lots of feel good rhetoric and hope and ideals but lacking the political and scientific facts and realities," said Steward.

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