Poll: No Second Presidency for Bill Clinton

Public shows little support for eliminating presidential term limits as Bill Clinton hinted at.


By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

The public still loves Bill Clinton. But not so much that the rules should be changed to let him run again.

Just a few weeks ago, Clinton was talking about his days in the White House as the best in his life. He even suggested that he would have stayed until defeated at the polls or carried out in a coffin. His comments raised anew questions about political term limits and whether the presidential limit should be changed from the current two four-year terms.

We had pollster Synovate eNation take it to 1,000 Americans, and it found very little support for changing the current system, with 66 percent backing the status quo and only 12 percent open to ending term limits.

Bill Clinton recently opened the door to changing presidential term limits, saying he had wanted to stay president until he died or was defeated. Which would you prefer?

  • Stick with two four-year terms: 66%
  • Allow up to three four-year terms: 14%
  • Eliminate term limits: 12%
  • Shift to one six-year term: 8%
  • Source: The Synovate eNation Internet poll was conducted November 6-10 among 1,000 nationally representative households by global market research firm Synovate.

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