Obama Christmas Ornaments From the Navy?

The Navy Secretariat Staff Officers Recreation Association sold ornaments for $15 a pop.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

A lot of organizations have cashed in on the new president's image with kitschy trinkets, so why not the Navy? The Navy Secretariat Staff Officers Recreation Association, a service group run by Navy personnel and civilians at the Pentagon, has produced Obama Christmas ornaments for $15 a pop, limited to two per person. The normal Navy image has been replaced for the first time with that of the president. A gold frame surrounds a photo of Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama as he takes the oath of office on Inauguration Day. Too much cheerleading? Some think so—and have said so. In fact, after Whispers asked questions, sales were frozen. Yvonne Peterson, one of those selling the ornaments at the Pentagon, says, "We were told to put a stop on sales. They sold out in about an hour's time." The money raised funds for Navy morale, welfare, and recreation activities.

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