House Healthcare Bill Longer Than 'War and Peace'

Critics poke fun at the 1,990 pages in the Pelosi healthcare package members have just 72 hours to read.

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By Paul Bedard, Washington Whispers

You knew it would be long, but 1,990 pages? That's how big the House Democratic leadership healthcare reform bill is that Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled today. So how does that size up to other major works? Well, some critics have begun sending around lists to giggle at, including this:

  • King James Version of the Bible: 1,024 pages
  • Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged: 1,200 pages
  • War and Peace: 1,296 pages
  • American Constitutional Law by Lawrence Tribe: 1,470 pages
  • The 2010 U.S. News Ultimate College Guide: 1,768 pages
  • Democratic healthcare bill: 1,990 pages
  • And you can bet that those who want to read it in Congress are already flipping pages because Rep. Chris Van Hollen today told reporters that members will get just 72 hours to read the initial bill and then another 72 to read the changed version before it goes to the House floor for a vote.

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